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EDGE Professional Translation offers professional translation services to companies around the globe, including many Fortune 500® companies. Specializing in business communication, we provide accurate language translation when professional results are required.

Business communication requires special attention to detail: Translated text will be at the forefront of any communication effort in new markets, and has crucial impact on how a company is perceived by customers, suppliers and employees.

At EDGE Professional Translation your project is handled by a team of experts in the required field: marketing, legal, medical, human resources, technology, and many more. Our professional translator teams only translate into their native language, and are only assigned to your project if they have extensive experience translating for your industry.

U.S. and International markets are multilingual environments. Our mission is to give your company a competitive advantage by breaking the language barrier with unrivaled quality and reliability.

When it comes to translating marketing material, contracts, manuals, reports, and any kind of business document, trust your multilingual communications to EDGE Professional Translation.