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With all the free online tools available, why should you pay for a professional translation? The answer depends on what you need the translation for. Are you trying to understand the lyrics to a song, or perhaps trying to figure out the general meaning of a letter of a personal nature? If so, then you probably don't require a professional translation and can make do with the translation provided by a free, online translation tool.

However, you should definitely consider professional translation for business documents such as marketing material, legal documents, employee handbooks, correspondence to clients, contracts, user manuals, etc. Some sensitive personal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, school transcripts, a document that will be published to a website, or a letter of recommendation are also better translated using professional translation services. For all of the above, EDGE Professional Translation is exactly what you need.

At EDGE Professional Translation we assign specialized translators to your project based on your document's target language and area of expertise. The rate and turnaround time for your professional translation will be determined based on the language pair, file format, document layout, document length and on how technical or specialized it is.

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